Trump’s Fake Emergency

Jerome Cronk/ February 17, 2019

Syndicated columnist Greg Sargent’s difficulty with the Trump emergency declaration [“Trump’s emergency plunges nation into peril” Feb 17, Opinion] seems misplaced. The worrisome problem he

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The Socialist Menace

Jerome Cronk/ February 11, 2019

Cass R Sunstein’s column on Sunday’s (2/10/2019) opinion page of the Seattle Times raises a valid question, but does not go far enough. The question

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The Wall

Jerome Cronk/ December 27, 2018

The wall is a really dumb idea.  To spend $5.7 billion to put up a wall along the entire 1900+ mile border with Mexico to

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Homelessness Crisis

Jerome Cronk/ May 22, 2018

Homelessness is a national disgrace, a humanitarian disaster of national proportions. Yet it has been foisted on to the meager resources of cities and states.

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Racist immigration policy

Jerome Cronk/ January 22, 2018

Why all the animosity, all the unremitting opposition to immigration in Congress and the Administration? Don’t they realize that we are a nation of immigrants. 

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