Seattle Times’ Incomprehensible Opposition to Carbon Tax Initiatieve

Jerome Cronk/ October 23, 2018/ Miscellaneous/ 0 comments

The Seattle Times editorial, “Washington can do better than I-1631” (Opinion page, Sunday, 10/21/18) fires an incomprehensible barrage of contradictory arguments against this carbon tax initiative.  Readers are urged to vote against it because it has loopholes and is not comprehensive enough.  What?  “Don’t vote for it because it’s not tough enough, not good enough!” — another proof of the truth of the aphorism that the perfect is the enemy of the good.  Then the editors argue that instead, we should seek a currently unattainable national solution. This argument is made in spite of the Times’ acknowledgment that “Global warming is critical.”  The Times then incongruously contends that even this scaled-down measure costs too much and we really don’t need it because the problem is not that serious and is solving itself.  Come on, Editorial Board, make up your mind,

[Submitted to the Times 10/21/2018, not published]

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